SIX WOMEN SAILORS are to start the solo, around-the-world Vendee Globe 2020-21 on Sunday.As Pip Hare notes: "More men have walked on the moon than women have completed the Vendee Globe." These six skippers are the focus of our coverage – the stories of courage and daring they bring to a competition with each other and 27 male sailors.

Brit may be only sailor happy at flat seas, wind

Alex Thomson may the only skipper happy for the calm conditions afforded by the St. Helene High, in the South Atlantic.

Thomson’s boat has developed an enormous failure in the hull. The struts holding the bow in place have cracked, forcing Thomson to reduce speed as he endeavored to make repairs.

The Brit has kept a smile while he’s worked. In his latest update to Vendee Globe, on Nov. 23,Tompson observed: